Sirena Photography

I've taken photos with intrigue since I was given my first camera at age 11. The arts, including music and photography, have always captivated me from the beginning. I was born and raised in Southern California and moved to the Pacific Northwest in my twenties. After graduating from college with a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree, and having learned the "old-fashioned" film and developing room techniques, I eventually got a digital camera. This turned my hobby into a passion, becoming one of my favorite things to do. One year of college I spent studying art and Italian history while living in Florence, Italy. Throughout my travels in Europe, I cataloged my experiences with my camera. Capturing unique moments, lighting, perspectives, color & composition with my camera brings me much joy!
Now I live in the Pacific Northwest where I'm surrounded by beautiful and diverse landscapes. Much to explore for sure!
All of my photos are available for purchase and easily translated into many creative forms. Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy. ~Sirena Lia